LGL Construction AB is a structural engineering company that creates complete steel structure solutions.

We’re located in Smålandsstenar (central Sweden) and provide Sweden and Europe with industrial buildings, steel frames and warehouse fittings.

LGL works according to the conviction that “small details make a big difference”. We are a small, flexible supplier with sales offices and manufacturing facilities close to one another, giving us the ability to provide quick, customized, fully functional solutions.

What quality means to us
Client specifications and quality are crucial and we ensure that we get things right first time. Quality is vitally important to us because we know that each detail will affect the end result. When we provide our clients with cost-effective, functional products we are also creating long-term relationships. And of course we work according to the ISO9001:2000 quality assurance system.

LGL Constructions are always interested in talented employees. Visit us on LinkedIn for more information.